Princess Diana might not be alive anymore, but that doesn’t mean she can’t move some magazines. For their September 2013 “style issue,” Vanity Fair ran a cover featuring none other than the dearly departed princess, who stares out at us in a sultry way as if to imply she’s having lots of fun in her second life as a zombie/ghost. She also does not appear to be wearing clothes, which is a weird choice for both the “style issue” and for someone who was generally known to be well dressed, but maybe Ghost Princess Diana doesn’t care about clothes anymore and is mostly just naked all the time.

The accompanying cover story is about some newly uncovered details of Di’s personal life, specifically her relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, whom she reportedly dated and wanted to marry in the final years of her life. The upcoming Princess Diana movie starring Naomi Watts has a similar subject matter.

I get it that any type of story about such a famous figure’s love life is “newsworthy,” and it sounds pretty juicy, so I am totally going to read it. On the other hand, doesn’t it kind of suck that even in death, Princess Diana is still having her privacy invaded and her image used in ways she can’t control? At least she’s not around to feel violated by it anymore (because the press literally killed her). The VF editors had better hope ghosts aren’t real, though, because if I were her I’d haunt the shit out of them.

(Via Vanity Fair)

Photo: Vanity Fair