Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Princess Beatrice

Happy Monday, dahlings!

Well, a little bit of laughter to brighten the start of your week courtesy of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, seen here attending a wedding over the weekend. Good stuff, eh?

I didn’t know this, but evidently horrific fashion and ridiculous headpieces are staples in the royal wedding attire repertoire. Isn’t that something? Now, what I would die to know is: do these chicks think they look hot? Would some dude at that same wedding be just so completely bitch-slapped by the beauty of these headpieces and dowdy dresses that he would just have to get the girl’s number? This would all be interesting to know, eh? Maybe I need to get my snarky self invited to a royal wedding someday to see how it all works. Hmmm…

Now, no one could dispute the intricacies of Beatrice’s butterfly disaster. It’s whacked-out for sure, but kind of cool in its own right. (Though I would surely contest that it belongs on a human head.)

Eugenie, on the other hand, is not only sporting a wiggy head-topper too, but hers totally looks like the napkin origami you’d find on a cruise ship, no? Seriously, now. If you’re going to wear something freaky on your melon, at least make it a cool freaky, yanno?

So anyhoo, loves, hope these royal messes help make your day a good one. Always good to have a hearty guffaw at someone else’s expense, no? Sure it is.

Image source: Newscom

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