Guess what I love even more than private sales in my bath robe at home.

Answer: Shopping spectacular web sales from THE SKY.

That’s right, my friends. I am writing this post while drinking a mimosa in the sky. I am currently somewhere over Hastings, Nebraska, en route to HOLLYWOOD.

Once I get there, my goal is to eat a fish taco, take a shower, and then go out cocktailing with my west-coast gal pals.

However, I have some time to kill (as in, another 3 hours of flying), and I’m spending that time with said touch-screen-ordered mimosa (I love you, @VirginAmerica and @ScopeOutlast), and SHOPPING. Because, Virgin has inflight internet!

Isn’t technology the most awesome thing ever?

And believe it or not, there are Sunday-specific private web sales going on. Here’s some to check out:

Gilt Groupe:

Sector Watches

Rue La La:

Gucci watches

Gustto bags