Floc Designs has created a product, Pocket Flops, that will have your feet singing in joy. The creation is quite brilliant and I’m actually a little disappointed that I didn’t think of the idea first.

Walking, or driving, to work in high heels is no way to start the long day ahead of you. It’s similar to skipping breakfast, actually. Yes, I’m comparing orange juice and eggs to footwear. With Pocket Flops, you can walk to work in comfort and let your feet breath before stuffing them into your fancy, work shoes.

The flip flops are available in six, fun colors and patterns to match your personal style. Before heading off to work, throw on a pair to avoid angry, blistered feet. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, fold up the shoes, place in your canvas bag, toss in your purse, and get ready to endure the pain of work- appropriate footwear. But hey, at least you’ve been spared the travel time, right? Just think: the rest of your day, while you’ll be wearing your heels, will be spent (mostly) sitting down. So there’s that.

But what’s so special about Pocket Flops? The answer: They fold up, creating more space in your purse for on- the- go use. Plus, the canvas storage bag will prevent your purse from collecting street germs, which range from sidewalk gum to dog poop.

I tried my pair the other day. It all started when I walked to my dance class in sneakers. After three hours of tap dancing, my feet needed some air. I was thankful that my Pocket Flops were waiting for me in my bag and slipped them on with the most satisfying feeling. This could be you.

Pocket Flops come highly recommended by all of us here at The Gloss. Taylor, my fellow intern, writes:

Although I had to carry a larger bag than usual (that was the only downside) they were super useful when in heels. I was in the Meatpacking District, and those cobblestones are tricky when walking in heels. That’s when the flip flops became useful.

Be nice to your feet and order your pair today.