You may be thinking, “Awesome! Free trip to Italy!” but, no, it turns out: the design duo behind Proenza Schouler–Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez–actually put an intern on a plane across the Atlantic for a 10+ hour journey to an airport. …And back.

Crazier still, this story was freely admitted to Cathy Horyn by the Proenza boys themselves:

Back to the Crosby Hotel. Mr. McCollough said they were expecting more fabric to arrive next week, and that between Tuesday and Friday, some 40 sample garments would have to be made in time to begin runway looks. The designers planned to hire freelance seamstresses. Meanwhile, the other night, they sent an intern to Italy to pick up some fabric.

“She thought it was so glamorous to fly to Italy,” Mr. Hernandez said. But she wasn’t going to be leaving the airport. As soon as she landed, someone would hand her the package of fabric, and she would board a plane back to New York.

Any interns (past or present) out there who can beat that?