On last night’s episode of Project Runway, the contestants were asked to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Marie Claire with a look inspired by 20 years in the past, but designed for 20 years in the future. Convoluted? A little bit. The ’90s inspiration ran the gambit from Angela’s seven years on Wall Street (how on earth did that nervous wreck work in investment banking?) to Clueless, and the looks went from “I need that right now” to “Look away it’s making me too depressed.”

1. Kristine

9 Project Runway

I am so, so sad that you can’t see the jacket in its full glory here, because it is one of the best single items from this season so far. Kristine and her fabulous purple hair made four components, yet made the overall look incredibly clean and simple. I want it. I want all of it. This was futuristic without being Jetsons, and it has the additional bonus of not making you feel like the world is ending.

2. Sandya

12 Project Runway

This is my GIRL right here. Sandhya has a clear vision and story right from the outset of the challenge, everyone questions her, and it comes out fabulous. Last week when Carrie and Hernan tried to blame her for the fact that they bullied her into doing that stupid film dress, I almost lost it. But this week, justice was served.

“20 years ago we were copying menswear to show that we are strong. But I think 20 years from now we will be so confident that we won’t need any menswear details to show that we are strong.”

“Softness does not mean weakness. And if I cannot be a strong person then I can just eat my words because then I don’t even deserve to be talking about it”

I love everything that comes out of Sandhya’s mouth. Other designers, stop being jealous because she is more creative than all of you combined.

3. Korina

8 Project Runway

I actually really loved this look from Korina, even though a. it was not in the top and b. she is being a big fat B about my sweet innocent Sandhya! I always appreciate the time it takes to do separates, especially three pieces. This mesh coat with the pop of yellow underneath is the kind of cool I hope to be in 2034.

4. Emily

5 Project Runway

I’ll say it: I liked the ewok hood. I thought it was cool. And this outfit brings up one of my favorite Angela-has-no-business-being-a-fashion-designer quotes from last night. Of Emily’s look, she says “Not many people would wear a leather jumpsuit.” Do you even work in fashion? First of all, yes they would. Second, it’s not even leather. Emily is one cool chick, and how amazing did she look in her 1994 picture??

5. Samantha

11 Project Runway

All of Samantha’s looks are very “cool girl on Pinterest.” I wouldn’t call it futuristic, but overall it works. I’m a fan of this Zara-esque jacket.

6. Char

4 Project Runway

Char is another cool, sophisticated designer. There was something unique and interesting about this, and I thank her for not descending into this painfully depressing vision of the future the rest of the designers went with.

7. Amanda

2 Project Runway

Heidi loves to be dramatic, telling Amanda, “You’re very lucky you have immunity, because none of the judges liked your look.” Okay, it’s not great, but it’s also not bottom three or else you would have put her in the bottom three. What’s with Heidi dropping all these additional points of information this season? That stupid chain needs to go, but on the whole I don’t think this is quite as awful as Heidi made it seem.

8. Hernan

6 Project Runway

And now we start getting into the depths of despair. I will admit that my extreme distaste for Hernan may color this, but so be it. After bullying Sandhya into copying his dress in last week’s challenge (her only agreeing to it because she had immunity so she let them decide what to do), Hernan goes, “Sondaya didn’t try to push herself a little bit more I think because she was safe.” I could have punched him. I also think his designs are sloppy and tacky, so that’s how I feel about that.

9. Sean

13 Project Runway

Yes, I know he was in the bottom two and the fabric choice was terrifically terrible, but I do like Sean’s idea and the basics of the design. Also, I’m mildly in love with him so I just can’t bring myself to relegate him to the bottom. Someone must find out the question every NYC Project Runway fan has been asking: Is Sean gay? Because if not, I’m headed to Brooklyn…

10. Kini

7 Project Runway

I actually don’t mind the cape when it’s fully on, but the weirdly-draped black top combined with just a plain pair of ill-fitting skinny jeans? Why?

11. Mitchell

10 Project Runway

In Mitchell’s audition, Nina said “I’m worried about the taste.” He stared back at her in his destroyed Daisy Dukes and flip flops and said, “What?” That about sums Mitchell up. Tim Gunn told him to get rid of the bubble skirt idea and make the scuba diver look sophisticated, but I don’t think he got there.

12. Fade

14 Project Runway

My dad nailed it on this one (what, you don’t watch Project Runway with your father?) by saying, “That looks like something that he would wear.” Fade is quite the offbeat character and I can appreciate that, but I just don’t get this vaguely pajama-esque look.

13. Alexander

1 Project Runway

Why oh why did Alexander completely scrap that fantastic green and black striped leather top?? He had a lovely inspiration and was headed in a good direction, why did he let a little uniboob completely derail him? It seems like he could have made some adjustments to salvage it. I think Alexander is extremely talented, but yes, this is a literal potato sack.

14. Angela

3 Project Runway

Goodbye and good riddance Angela. This look screams slutty, cheap flight attendant, and I can’t comprehend how she could think otherwise. She has produced three truly awful looks, and I did feel a little bit bad for her until she left saying “I could make a collection that would blow these people’s out of the water.” How can you be that neurotic and awkward and that cocky at the same time? I wish her the best, but having her on the show was seriously stressing me out.

(Photos: MyLifetime.com Rate the Runway)