beige-renegadeI have several obsessions, stylistically. Among them are boots and all things pink. Thus, an eventual convergence was pretty much inevitable.

Behold what I have started to lovingly refer to as “totally adorable pink cowgirl boots” but are actually Tony Lama boots in antique tan full quill vintage ostrich.

Am I totally comfortable with the ostrich part? I rest easy knowing that the poor feathered friend will not die in vain…and will be thought of often as I sashay around town. Furthermore, what other way can an East Coast girl such as myself show her patriotism than by wearing such distinctly western boots??? It’s not about me, it’s about American pride.

At a retail value of around $350, these boots are now on sale for just $147. Dubbed the “Beige Renegade,” they are probably a splurge for most of us – but then again, we are working harder than ever to support the economy.

Plus, they are just so darn cute, I can’t help myself.

Image: Tony Lama Boots