In some of the most confusing news of the month, those horrifically vile plastic shoes named Crocs are opening a fourth store in New York City. Now the city where people from all over the world come to get their fashion fix (or at the very least, a knock-off Louis Vuitton on Canal Street) is apparently on its way to Mediocre Town. By 2014 we can expect Bergdorf’s to become a Wal-Mart if this is the direction things are going.

Not only is New York City looking at a fourth Crocs store, but it’s looking at one that’s kicking out a few chain restaurants (some place called “Pizza Hut”), so the brand can take over a three-story-building in Herald Square. A square that is also home to the original Macy’s. The 13,600-square-feet store of Crocs will arrive next summer, and when it does you can bet that several famous dead shoe designers will be rolling over in their graves and Manolo Blahnik will be somewhere weeping at the downfall of society. It will be a tragic day. But hey, if someone can go back to their hometown in new Crocs and be able to say “These aren’t just any Crocs. I got them in New York City!” it will be worth it, right?

Yes, humanity is indeed headed to a dark place no matter how colorful Crocs may be.


Photo: Crocs