I’m back again, purveyor of all things emollient for one’s lips. What if I told you I have found a certified organic lip balm in delicious flavors like Chai Mandarin and Lavender Vanilla. Interested? Well what if I told you it was paraben and toxin free and comes in the absolute cutest little vintage inspired tin? You’re in luck because I did. That would be funny if I was all, “well too bad it doesn’t exist haha; got your hopes all up for nothing.”

“All the better to kiss you with” from Baby Bear Shop combines everything I love in a lip balm and is just the perfect anytime balm. It’s not possible for me to resist anything with Chai in it. I’m all over it. This would be great over a little lip stain to make it more lipsticky but will last you longer. I should get a display case for my collection of lip balms so they can be seen in all their glory.

via toysrus.com