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I know you love your wool coat, but we can agree that they’re not always the warmest, right? I mean, I wear my bright green coat from J.Crew Factory whenever possible, but now that the temperatures are finally dropping below freezing, I’ve been reaching for my trusty old North Face more and more. It got me through four years of upstate New York winters, so I know it can stand up to New York City’s weather. And, despite the fact that some sassy editors over at Cosmo have tried to convince us all that puffer coats aren’t stylish, they remain the perfect cold-weather combatant. So there, Cosmo.

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Besides, the classic black puffer, while reliable, isn’t even the only option out there. There are tons of different colors, styles, and details to choose from that will help you stand out. Here are 10 puffer coats (under $300—a steal in coat world!) that you’ll love just as much as your favorite wool one:

1. Wintress Puffer Coat With Faux-Fur Hood (J.Crew, $298)

wintress puffer coat

J.Crew always puts out good outerwear, and a black coat with a faux fur-trimmed hood is basically a winter wardrobe staple at this point. This coat also comes in navy if you think black is just a bit too basic.

2. Stretch Wool Blended Down Coat (UNIQLO, $169.90)

stretch wool down coat

I can’t say I’ve ever seen wool-blend puffer coat until now, and this one is pretty great. I can only imagine how soft it is IRL.

3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Faux-Fur Trim Puffer Coat (Macy’s, $159.99)

michael kors coat

This is pretty much your standard puffer coat, but I absolutely love the emerald green color.

4. Utility Zip Puffer Coat (Urban Outfitters, $249)

utility zip puffer coat

This puffer coat is the best of both worlds: it gives you the warmth of your standard puffer, but the look of a parka or a utility coat that’s so popular right now.

5. Long Down Filled Toggle Puffer Coat (Express, $149.99)

down filled toggled puffer coat

Again, here’s another one that doesn’t actually look like a puffer coat at first glance. The toggles on the front also make a little bit dressier.

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6. Premium Quilted Satin Jacket (ASOS, $95)

quilted satin jacket

Is there anything more elegant than navy satin?

7. Jackie Padded Jacket With Faux Fur Collar (Boohoo, $60)

jackie puffer coat

The bright gold zippers make this more unique that your basic puffer coat, and I’d imagine that the faux fur collar offers just as much warmth as any old scarf.

8. T Tihari Milano Belted Puffer Jacket (Neiman Marcus, $150)

belted puffer

This is what I mean when I say that puffer coats don’t have to be basic and boring. Sometimes, they come in bright colors, prints, and patterns, and then they’re as pretty as this one.

9. Lauren Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Trim Down & Feather Fill Parka (Nordstrom, $191.90)

ralph lauren puffer

Don’t pretend you don’t want to touch that shearling lining every day for the rest of your life.

10. Contrast Zip Puffer Jacket (Gap, $89)

contrast zip puffer

And, of course, if you’ve ever wanted to look like Drake in his “Hotline Bing” video, you’ll need this jacket in your wardrobe.