In a blog post entitled JOHN I LOVE YOU (his caps, not mine), Purple magazine publisher/editor/svengali Olivier Zahm (pictured) wrote an impassioned defense of the beleaguered (and allegedly anti-Semitic) former-Christian Dior creative director. It goes:

Dear John Galliano,

What happened to you on Thursday night at this nice Parisian cafe, La Perle, fighting with this couple? I know that you are not at all racist —whatever you said, drunk or not, to them! Your multi-ethnic shows, celebrating the beauty of nomadic worlds, and looking into visual languages of forgotten minorities (from everywhere on this planet), has brillantly proved it to everyone from collection to collection since years.

We are living in a dark world where the fashion system can celebrate talented people like you, use them as long as they want and fire them from a day to the next —exploiting an unfortunate private incident (and thusfar unproved anti-Semitic allegations), to get rid of an artist. Letting the international media suspect that you could be a racist, is not acceptable!

I hope that you will be able to keep your position at Dior and I can’t wait to see your new collections in Paris next week.


Olivier Zahm

Anyone else feel like Zahm is missing the point here?

Granted, the post went up before the video leaked.

(Purple Diary)