First Jean-Charles de Castelbajac adorned his models with Muppets… and pieces of Muppets.

Then Lady Gaga actually wore a Kermit the Frog coat out in public.

And now Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty 35th Anniv.3567.JPG

image: Newscom

Okay, so this is for the 35th birthday party for Hello Kitty, but I can think of better ways to celebrate the cute little cat than wearing a coat covered in them.

I can understand that people don’t want to wear real fur, but how about cruelty to toys and puppets?  Why is this considered an acceptable compromise??   Yes, Halloween is tomorrow, but let’s remember that we don’t want people to have to guess whether or not our outfit is actually a costume or not – okay?

Besides, if you want to pay tribute to Hello Kitty, why not rock this Tarina Tarantino ring instead?

tarina tarantino hello kitty ring

image: Tarina Tarantino

So much more appropriate, don’t you think? Sometimes less really is more….