Things are changing little by little in advertising, what with Asian models landing Western cosmetics contracts (how did this take so long?), plus size models posing for straight size lingerie companies, and children with Down Syndrome fronting kids’ campaigns. Although it’s cynical to say, at least some of this positive trend owes itself to press coverage… but just a well; the more we can push away from the ubiquitous Very White/Very Thin/Very Young mold, the better off we are. Nordstrom is the latest brand to break the mold: they’ve cast Angela Rockwood, a quadriplegic model and star of Sundance channel’s Push Girls in an upcoming campaign.

After getting her foot in the door of the modeling industry eleven years ago, Rockwood was in a car accident that left her without the use of her legs and very limited use of her arms. “After my accident,” she told People, “The thought of modeling didn’t even cross my mind. But what did occur to me was that I had been transported to the realm of the paralyzed for a reason. I realized I had a huge choice to make: to go down the positive path, be an example for others in similar positions and be a voice. There weren’t many models in chairs to make a statement like, ‘Hey, we are the consumers too!’ and ‘Who doesn’t want to look sexy or fashionable sitting in a wheelchair?’”

Here she is modeling for Nordstrom; we’re looking forward to the campaign itself:

(People, thumbnail via Wenn, second photo by Diane Bondareff for Sundance)