Didn’t I just talk about Philippines Men’s National Costume, Barong Tagalog, the other day? I was watching the Golden Globes Nomination announcement a few hours ago and while I was trying to pay attention to who got the nods, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Quentin Tarantino. I just knew he was wearing the Barong Tagalog. While the SKB Remixer put a punk twist to it, Quentin wore the Barong Tagalog tradionally, as a formal suit.

I vaguely remember a Filipino article months ago of how Quentin was in the Philippines and talking about how much he likes the Philippines Men’s Wear. I thought he was just bullshitting. I should have known that the great Tarantino would never do that :). I apologize for ever doubting him for a minute. I swear I love Pulp Fiction :).

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