I can’t pin point exactly who started the Zipper trend detail on dresses but it sure is a big trend nowadays. I saw it first on Topshop dresses though so maybe it was them who introduced it to the fashionistas. Having said that, I highly doubt that it’s them who started it. In any case, the zipper trend stylishly made it on the center-front of a dress, or back-center, or the sides, and some were placed across the front dress.

I’m conflicted with this Rachel Rachel Roy Zipper dress though. I think it’s pretty. I actually like the lime green zipper in the front which unzips to reveal a print fabric underneath. I’m not fond of the tiered-zipper hem though. It’s trendy that’s for sure, but that’s just a lot of zippers, heh. If you happen to like all those zipper details, the dress is on sale for $81.75 at Macy’s.