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Need a job? If you’re in the LA area, and meet a few other requirements, you may be just the guy or gal Rachel Zoe is looking to hire. Rachel (or someone from her camp) posted a job ad at LinkedIn for a full-time associate with a mid-senior level position. Sound familiar?

rachz2Bravo Photo: Andrew Durham

I can’t be positive, but this sounds pretty close to the job that Taylor had just a few weeks ago. As opposed to branding for the Rachel Zoe collection on QVC, it seems this new hire will handle things related to The Zoe Report as well as other online media for Rachel Zoe Inc. Only time can tell who will be be hired, but I’m guessing sans Taylor, we’ll have a lot less social drama next season (if there is one) and more cramming to get another four options for Annie Hathaway.

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