Today Rachel Zoe told us to “think pink” via her Zoe Report. While I love some of Rachel’s fashion advice, there’s no way you would find be rocking the bright pink blazer she suggests. No thanks! Far to fussy and a literal interpretation of ’80s fashion for me! That said, we can all learn a thing or two from the celebrity style maven. Blazers are a must for transition weather. When the cold weather finally starts to wane and you begin to hear birds chirping, you’ll find wearing your coat is far too warm for the “mild” weather (even if it is 35 degrees).

Photo: Zuma Image

Layer a long tank top, a light sweater and top it with a blazer to keep warm during transition season without wearing all of the bulk of winter. I mean, we’ve been cooped up in knits for the past four or five months, so it’s time to break free from the heft and go with light layers to pave the way for spring. Here are a few super cute and super affordable options from everyone’s favorite fast fashion store – Forever 21.

  • Showstopper Jacket ($22.80) – Cropped and ridiculously easy to throw on over a dress or a tank and jeans for instant wow.
  • Purlieu Jacket ($34.50) – Gorgeous faux brass buttons add a polished feel to this darling blazer. Try navy and black for a fresh combo that works.
  • Padded Shoulder Career Blazer ($32.80) – Use a black blazer to subdue glitzy pieces like a sequin or floral dress for day (that’s right; for day!).