Last week, FHM Philippines pulled their racist March cover starring a light-skinned woman flanked by dark-skinned women accompanied by the headline, “Stepping out of the shadows.” Not that we expect much of FHM, we still thought to ourselves, “How is this kind of shit still happening?” and then we couldn’t help but be reminded of a certain Interview spread starring Daria Werbowy.

…And then we remembered a more recent Donna Karan campaign, purporting to be by Haiti/for Haiti but starring light-skinned supermodel Adriana Lima and a few impoverished Haitian teenagers literally in the shadows…. which then reminded us of Michael Kors‘ rich-white-people-romanticizing-Africa collection–terribly named “Afriluxe”–and its corresponding campaign, which then reminded us… you get the idea. The question is, when will this stop happening? Surely we all agree this stuff is flat-out racist? …Right?