ragbones-designers.jpgDavid Neville and Marcus Wainright, from the Rag & Bone line dished out the 10 things they can’t live without. And here they are…

THE STONE ROSES — David laments that maybe if they were all taking the same drugs while making their second album they would’ve been in the same place to make more than 2 albums. Interesting…

— Ralph Lauren admire these when he saw David wearing it. RL said it looks like the first ever boot he had made by Grenson in Northampton England. Coincidentally, that’s where this boot was made from also. Talk about a small world :)

David’s 1976 Red MGB — He’d have it shipped from London if he could.

RAG AND BONE CASHMERE CAMEL COAT — A little selfish and indulgent from Marcus for making this for himself out of Loro Piana‘s sample yardage.

LA MER LIP BALM — David’s wife let him borrow it one time and now it’s his favorite.

YARD O-LED STERLING SILVER PENCIL — Marcus’s Dad gave it to him. Hid Dad’s Dad gave him one also. It’s handmade, numbered and slightly imperfect. If you lay the 10 sockets for the lead, it’s a yard long. Hence, the name.

iPhone — They treated themselves with these.

PERSOL 0714 FOLDING SUNGLASSES — A strange design but with the Steve Mcqueen association, it’s cool. A bit smaller from their Persol 6495 that was showcased in their Spring 2008 show.

PING G5 IRONS — David won a gold tournament after he bought a set of this.
1971 OMEGA SPEEDMASTER — Marcus’s homage to Sean Connery- Bond Era. It’s a heavy watch and you could actually hurt somebody with it.