As I recently discussed with my mom, I refuse to ever define grown-up-ness by whether or not someone has purchased the correct clothing and/or products. That said, it’s raining in New York today, which reminds me once again (or would if I went outside, anyway) that despite owning approximately one dillion whimsically printed rompers, I do not have a single raincoat. This is partly because I find rain gear impractical; it’s great while it’s raining, but the second the rain stops you look like a fool in ill-fitting yellow boots and a greenhouse of a plastic jacket. A cheap umbrella which I will inevitably lose has always been good enough for me.

That said…it is great when it’s raining. I actually do have to leave the shelter of my blogging cave in a second, and I’m kind of starting to wish I had some protection, so I’ve spent much of my work day intermittently looking for coats online. The above flowered one is a stunner, but it looks like there’s only one for sale. I also found a nice, sturdy looking one at Modcloth, which I like because I’ve been weirdly into the color blue lately. And here’s a bright red one for sale at Urban Outfitters. Feel free to add any great raincoats you have found in the comments.