Martha Stewart that is. Ralph Lauren Fragrances model Nacho Figureas gave Martha Stewart a few tips on the Polo sport which Nacho loves so much. Here are a few pictures from that session.


If you’re going to teach someone the Polo, you better dress for the part. Nacho is seen here so handsomely wearing pinstriped suit with pocket square. Plus his sexy accent, no wonder Martha was all giddy.



I wonder what Oprah thinks about this. I remember Nacho being on her show last year and they sort of made plans to teach Oprah how to play Polo as well. But if I remember it right I think Oprah suggested they do it in Nacho’s home country in Argentina.

Here’s a video of Nacho Figueras and Martha Stewart learning Polo. Nacho Figueras is both on Twitter and Facebook so if you’re a fan, go “friend” him.

(Images: Nick D/The Martha Stewart Show)