Hey, I know that it’s hard to dress for Coachella. You’re outdoors all day, it’s really hot, you have to use port-a-potties and be around all these people who smell like BO and patchouli. But that makes me wonder why you, Mischa, aren’t wearing something appropriate for the hot weather. Instead, you’re dressed like a sad cowgirl. The fringe on your shoulders is just unfortunate, and haven’t we been over the whole “nobody looks good in paisley” thing before already? And all that jewelry cannot be fun to bury yourself in once you start to sweat. Also, darling? I know you’re not happy because someone is taking your picture and for some ungodly reason, even though I told you not to, you are wearing long sleeves, but could you try not to glower so much? Perhaps you were looking at your hair in a mirror when this was snapped. I’ve been there, darling. Let’s talk. Now put on a T-shirt.