I don’t know about y’all, but I just can’t get behind this trend of wearing bras as shirts and acting like everything is hunky dory and oh-so-stylish. To some extent, I expect it from Kim Kardashian, but the latest inflicter of inner wear as outer wear is none other than Rashida Jones.

At last night’s Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards (held in NYC, of course), Rashida wore a comfy-looking black swing coat/dress…that very clearly exposed her bra.

IFP's 23nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - Red Carpet

I mean, it sure looks like a nice, serviceable black bra, but red carpet-worthy? No. I’m really scratching my head about this outfit, because it somehow manages to be both boring AND borderline inappropriate. If it wasn’t gaping open to show the bra, it would be downright puritanical, what with the loose cut and the lack of detail and the swathes of black (Yes, I know Puritans wouldn’t wear such a short hem, but just go with me). This dress is like…the Flying Nun: Slightly Slutty Edition.

Here, let’s look at it from another angle:

IFP's 23nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - Show

See? Even while standing next to Jared Leto, the dress comes off as weirdly funereal. It’s frumpy mourning-chic with a side of HEY LOOK AT MY BOOBS. So, so puzzling.

Actually, I could totally see one of the girls on American Horror Story: Coven rocking this dress to moon around New Orleans and do bad magic on bad men. But for an awards gala? Rashida, no.

Photo: Getty Images for IFP