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Now that raver prints are trending for the fall, it’s officially official: every iteration of the ’90s has come back into fashion. The electric colors, graffiti-inspired graphics and the boldest of power clashing that lit up the runways at Dries Van Noten, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler (among others) back in February are popping up on the racks at Topshop and ASOS (among others). Though it’s no revelation that bold prints have been in, it’s clear that rather than fading with the warm weather they’re only getting bolder. We’ve found five such examples pretty much snatched right off the runway (one that’s shamelessly obvious—it’ll be obvious when you see it) but toned down just enough to be wearable in the real world. That is, assuming you’re not afraid to be noticed; and why would you be? You are fabulous! So, put those muted colors on hold and get a little wacky this fall, because if nothing else, fashion should be fun.

1. Kenzo Fall 2014 vs Topshop City Tribe Top, $60, and Skirt, $72

kenzo and top shop city tribe

You don’t have to go crazy with the pattern layering like Kenzo did, stick with one element like this Topshop matching skirt and top set. If you’re short-waisted like me, it won’t matter that it’s a crop top!

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 vs Topshop Graffitti Print Bodycon, $58

marc jacobs and topshop graffitti dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs went for raver meets motocross, Topshop again sticks with a pattern, slapping similar blocky, jagged shapes on a bodycon dress.

3. Yohji Yamamoto vs Clover Canyon Newgrange Clover Pasture Pants, $215

yoji and clover canyon

The busy, psychedelic whirls at Yohji Yamamoto worthy of any millennial rave flier can be achieved with these Clover Canyon track pants, with slightly less theatrics. And a better waistline.

4. Dries Van Noten vs ASOS T-shirt Dress With Floral Print Panel, $58.04

dries van noten and asos

Coincidence that these fabrics are basically identical? We think not. Somebody at ASOS had Dries Van Noten on their mood board, and isn’t ashamed to show it. A steal we say, in all the best ways!

5. Rick Owens Fall 2014 vs Clover Canyon Athena Stripe Bomber, $495

rick owens clover canyon

Graffiti-style graphics at Rick Owens, graffiti-meets-pop-art graphics at the always pattern-heavy Clover Canyon. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

Images by Getty Images