Back in November 2007, former Hot Mama Daily editor Pascalle wrote a popular post comparing the Solia and Sedu flatirons and readers are still trying to decide which one to buy.  Since I no longer straighten my hair, I’m probably not the best person to weigh in on the battle of the flatirons.  So I thought I’d open up the dialogue to the Hot Mama Daily readership.  

Here’s the latest question from Keith, a good boyfriend who sure knows a lot about hair products and wants to buy the best flatiron for his girlfriend. Can you Hot Mamas help him?  If so, please respond to this post with your hair straightening (or hair-raising) advice.

Question from Keith:

I’m about to buy the Sedu Revolution for my girlfriend who has the CHI. We did a Corioliss test in a mall kiosk and like it because the plates were rounded. The new Sedu Revolution plates are rounded for curls AND they do not touch so they don’t PULL the hair. Does anyone know if the Solia plates are rounded and don’t PULL the hair? The Solia is $50 cheaper. Not that I’m cheap. I am getting this strictly for when she’s at my house!

Image credit: Hot Mama Daily