How did I miss this fun trend?  Ugly Christmas sweater parties and websites are popping up all over.  I’ve come across my share of ugly Christmas sweaters while making my thrift and 99 cent store rounds, so I was a little perturbed that I hadn’t come up with the idea to start an ugly holiday sweater e-commerce website first. But for now I’ll settle for finding an ugly holiday sweater to call my own.

Me modeling my sorta ugly Christmas sweater.

Me modeling my sorta ugly Christmas sweater.

Alas, so far all I could come up with was this sorta homely and definitely dated argyle and flower sweater by Paul Harris (see above photo).  Anyone else remember that store from the mall in the ’80s?

Anyway, during the long holiday weekend my mission is clear — to rummage through a few thrift stores in search of some truly tacky sweaters that I will sell in my vintage Etsy store next year.  Stay tuned!

Teddy Ugly Christmas sweater

But maybe you already own an unattractive Christmas sweater like this great “Teddy” find.  If you do and would like to share it with the rest of the Hot Mama Daily sisterhood, please email me at with a jpeg photo of yourself wearing your knit nightmare and a brief description of where you got the sweater (i.e. was it a gift?)

Image credit: Tracy Hopkins, Retro and Beyond Vintage