Elastic suspenders for your stilettos so they don’ “slip off.” Everything about this confuses me. –Daily Mail

Urban Outfitters releases a line of “mood lipsticks.” –Refinery 29

First Lady “Christmas fashion” restrospective. –MSNBC

Hillary Swank to maybe launch a clothing line?  I give up. –Racked

First look at the packaging of Rihanna’s fragrance. –Elle

Nylon’s bets dressed list. –Nylon

I don’t know what “lifestyle swimswear” means but I think it had something to do with never actually swimming. –The Cut

Fuck Yeah Menswear sounds excitable, sugar-high. –GQ

Model from The City removed from Revolve’s website for looking too skinny. –Daily Mail

See Zac Efron with a shaved head. –People