My Diva Diet and Fitness Challenge is coming along slowly but surely.  I’m still making strides, literally.  After a week of serious effort that included an hour-long walk home over the Brooklyn Bridge several times last week, taking Natren’s Healthy Trinity and Healthy Tummy probiotic supplements, and cutting down on the carbs and sweets, I’ve lost a couple pounds.  

I know, however, that for lasting results I need to pump up the cardio.  And I can look to my own cousin, Janine Norris of Baltimore, for inspiration.


Photos courtesy of Janine Norris

Photos courtesy of Janine Norris


The busy director of health services and mother of two knew she had to literally get her rear in gear after experiencing problems with elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fatigue.  To make matters worse, the fashion plate couldn’t fit into her favorite clothes.  

Here’s Janine’s weight loss success story:

Age: 45

Height: 5’8

Starting weight: 192

Current weight: 160

How’d you do it: I lost 32lbs in 4 months through exercise, running, and dietary changes.  Every morning I do 30 minutes of  cardio using a stair climber or elliptical machine.  I incorporate weight training every other day and on the weekend I go running (6-8 miles).  I eat fish and chicken and mostly salads. I’ve met my goal but I’m still interested in toning up.

Favorite beauty products: Oil of Olay, Lancome Mascara, and MAC lipstick/gloss

Favorite places to shop: Nordstrom, Talbot’s, and Ann Taylor

Real World Hot Mama Makeover Alert: Are  you a woman of color who has recently lost weight, revamped your wardrobe or made some other significant beauty, fashion, or lifestyle change?  If so, I’d like to here from you.  Respond to this post and give me a brief version of your makeover story.  Then I’ll contact you if I want to feature you on Hot Mama Daily.