Rebel Wilson Glamour Cover

As you may have noticed, we’re big fans of Rebel Wilson. She’s funny, ridiculous, beautiful, stylish and wildly talented which all make for an excellent combination. Oh, and she isn’t afraid to call out douchebags when they behave like douchebags — a quality I admire in any public figure. So, we were very excited to see that she has snagged her first big cover with a beautiful, (literally) bubbly shot on next month’s issue of Glamour UK.

Rad! Although I find the headline, “Why are we still talking about rape?” a little odd (though it actually sounds like it could be a decent piece, as the second line says, “it’s time to get angry”), I am stoked she has the cover and looks so lovely. I’m even more thrilled that her cover story isn’t just, “REBEL WILSON LOOKS DIFFERENT THAN OTHER ACTRESSES SO WE DID ANOTHER STUPID STORY THAT REVOLVES ENTIRELY AROUND HER BODY,” as I feel many, many magazines out there would (and probably will). High-five, Glamour UK.

Also, the responses to her tweet of the cover were awfully sweet. For example, Judd Apatow said that she’s “always on the cover…of my heart.” Russell Brand tweeted that she’s “perfect.” Wow, guys, will all the Amanda Bynes & Co. celeb feuds lately, I was starting to fear that Twitter was a dangerous place to go if I wanted pleasantry! Naturally, though, if anybody could’ve turned it around, it was Rebel Wilson.

Photos: Getty Images & Twitter.