Do you feel like Hooters has had all the fun when it comes to putting O-shaped things on shirts to symbolize women’s breasts? Are you obsessed with sweets? Well, step right up and get your Rebel Wilson shirts! The actress has designed them as part of her t-shirt line Fat Mandi.

Wilson tweeted, “If you need some cupcake or donut power in your life, check out my t-shirt experiment site: Sizes range from 12 to beautimous x.” First of all, I really need to start using the word “beautimous” more often. Second, I always need some cupcake and donut power, so I went on over to the website to check them out.

On each of the shirts is a little snippet poking fun at the idea of the shirts. For the one above, she writes, “Celebrate your muffin top with Fat Mandi’s Cupcake Tee! This super sweet T-shirt is fresh out of the oven ready to be delivered to you in Bubblegum Blue.” If cupcakes aren’t really you’re thing (perhaps you feel Lena Dunham ruined them?), there’s also one which covers your boobs with doughnuts. The info on that reads, “For lovers of round or just everyday donut dealers it’s Fat Mandi’s Donut Tee. This delightful T-shirt comes in a delicious ‘pink frosting’ colour and is sure to wet your admirers’ appetite.”


As Jezebel points out, it would be nice to have a plus-size woman not do something that pertains to being plus-size. Obviously, Wilson is just being humorous considering half the publicity she gets revolves around her body and weight. But while I love me some fashion inspired by food, I also just think it would be even more wonderful if she designed a whole line that’s simultaneously fashionable, Rebel-esque and doesn’t comment on the weight and/or food choices of its wearers?

Photo: FatMandi