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You guys remember the joy you felt when news broke of Rebel Wilson‘s first collection for Torrid, right? Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Rebel’s spring collection for Torrid is short one delightful graphic tee that simply says, “Rebel,” but the good news, as you might have guessed, is that her spring collection is here! And don’t you worry—it’s all kinds of wonderful, even without the “Rebel” tee.

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In fact, it’s full of tons of spring essentials that you’ll easily be able to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. There are simple black and white dresses for when the weather finally starts to warm up, a chambray shirt that looks like it’s cut to perfection, graphic sweatshirts and jeans for lazy days, and even a faux leather jacket that would rival even my all-time favorite moto jacket from the Lauren Conrad Runway Collection.

Available in Torrid’s 0 to 6 sizing, which roughly equates to sizes 12-30 or L-6XL, and ranging in price from $22.50 to $98.50 (good faux leather doesn’t come cheap, y’all), the Rebel Wilson for Torrid spring collection is ready to shop now both online and in stores. Read on for some of our favorite looks from the line!

Heart Patch Crop Top ($44.50) and Heart Patch Pencil Skirt ($58.50)

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If you’re looking for a good outfit for Valentine’s Day that’s festive but not too cheesy, this is it. Plus, I can never pass up a good matching set.

Denim Shirt ($54.50) and Lace Panel Pencil Skirt ($64.50)

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Here’s that perfectly-cut chambray shirt I mentioned before. Does it not look like something you could practically live in all season long?

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Word Bubble Shirt ($54.50) and Quilted Faux Leather Midi Skirt ($54.50)

rebel torrid 3

I’m a sucker for leather, and I love that the word bubble print on top is small enough so as to blend in with any other wearable print, but unique enough to stand out.

Embellish Sweater ($68.50) and Multi Zip Skinny Jeans ($68.50)

rebel torrid 4

The perfect lazy Monday work outfit. You can always throw on a pair of heels if your office is a little more strict with its dress code.

Varsity Jacket ($74.50) and Textured Skater Skirt ($44.50)

rebel torrid 5

And, of course, no Rebel Wilson collection would be complete without a varsity letterman jacket. Personally, the pink color is a bit too loud for me. I’d probably go for the bomber jacket from her first collection instead.

Click here to shop the entire Rebel Wilson for Torrid spring collection!