anne hathaway sundance

A year since Les Miserables came out, Anne Hathaway is still rocking the adorable pixie cut it gave her. This haircut still suits her so well (even in blonde) we’re glad to see she didn’t take a bunch of fish-oil supplements to grow it out as quickly as possible. Last night her chic haircut was the perfect accessory to the cool, green suit she wore to the premiere of her new movie, Song One, at the Sundance Film Festival.

anne hathatway sundance suit

Her dark green suit is an unusual choice, especially with the odd cuffs at the bottom that make them look like a pair of the short, old-timey hunting trousers the rich people wear on Downton Abbey sometimes. But the dark green color is great on her, and the slouchy fit of the jacket and trousers makes her look nice and comfortable. It’s a refreshing choice for a red carpet appearance. We even like the weird feathered brooch, though it is giving us serious Robin Hood flashbacks.

robin hood gifAs much as we love gowns–and we really, really love gowns–this is a great choice for a film festival red carpet. We like it when Hathaway branches out and goes fashiony instead of merely pretty. The cozy boots seem like a particularly good choice, considering she’s in Utah in January.