Tonight on the red carpet for the Emmys, The E! News Network made huge strides in red carpet coverage technologies, debuting both a Stiletto Cam and Mani Cam. Both of these innovations managed to befuddle celebrities armed only with the names of the designers who made their dresses and one cute anecdote to get them through awkward red carpet interactions.

The Stiletto Cam (TM?) was a footprint on the floor that allowed for uncomfortable close ups of stiletto clad feet. But it was really the Mani Cam that allowed you to see the cranks move when a lot of celebrities who are only trained to smile on cue have to figure out how to make their hands look pretty as well.

Actresses like Kat Dennings managed to charm their way out of spending too much time with the thing, which was essentially a diorama fitted with a miniature red carpet and a tiny camera inside.

Giuliana Rancic instructed users to walk their fingers through the box “like a runway,” which led to many actresses waving their hands helplessly outside the box. Some simply ran their hands in and out of the box too quickly too see what jewelry or nail polish they had on.

Others, like Jenna Malone, used it as an opportunity to showcase their best selves: