It has always confused us that there’s not much to watch on TV during the holiday hiatus. Finally we get a few days off, but there’s nothing on TV! By the time all the shows start up again after break, we’ve already been back in the office for weeks. At times like these, we are glad for Netflix binges and the Kennedy Center Honors, which aired last night and allowed us to see all our figures of cultural relevance gathering to bask in their shared awesomeness.

We could honor their classy contributions to the cultural zeitgeist, but we’re a fashion and beauty site, so instead let’s look at what everyone wore.

Montego Glover The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Broadway actress Montego Glover is delightfully sparkly, and the spaghetti straps show off her gorgeously toned shoulders. A lighter, open-toed shoe would probably have gone better with the dress, though. These are dragging the look down a bit and match her clutch too exactly.

Jessye Norman The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Opera star Jessye Norman looks like she is having great fun in her red sequins. Her necklace is wonderful and we want six of it. We’re less sure about the Miss Piggy-style bracelet-over-glove action, and the hem seems awkwardly long.

The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Sandra Lee showed up with Andrew Cuomo. We like her dress and the way it evokes a fashion-forward Donna Reed, but her shoes are going to a different party, and we think she’s wearing stockings and open-toes. Donna Reed would have something to say about that.

Florence Henderson The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Florence Henderson is rocking this. It’s always a surprise when Carol freaking Brady is the best-dressed at the party.

Shelia E The 36th Kennedy Center Honors GalaSheila E‘s dress had a bit of a number done to it on the way here, and she looks like she’s wearing a vengeful ghost. We’re really not into the way the spidery appliqué at her abdomen is pulling on that delicate skirt fabric and making unsightly puckers.

Glenn Close The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Glenn Close also looks amazing. When a woman’s been rocking red carpets for 30 years, she learns a thing or two.

Nancy Pelosi The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Nancy Pelosi was there in some very nice earrings.

Orianthi The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Australian musician Orianthi will be standing in for Stevie Nicks tonight.

The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Broadway grande dame and American Horror Story supreme Christine Ebersole looked elegant in black, with a wallpaper-like damask feature going on in the bust area. This is not the only black-on-nude bust embellishment we’ll see tonight.

Kathy Bates The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Kathy Bates is wearing some amazingly excellent shoes. We should all own a pair. Some day we will figure out how on Earth she plays such terrifying characters and still makes us want to be best friends and have fancy tea sandwiches with her.

Shirley MacLaine The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Shirley MacLaine rocks the red carpet pantsuit as well as Florence Henderson and Glenn Close. She should be on every episode of Downton Abbey. We like her rainbow accessory and would like to acquire one for ourselves, but it seems like one must be a figure of extreme cultural prominence to earn one. Le sigh.

Anna Kendrick The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Anna Kendrick got caught in another one of those horrible, lace-insert Elie Saab dresses that have been going around lately like the flu. We should be able to inoculate starlets against these dresses.

Cindy Blackman and Carlos Snatana The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Cindy Blackman looks amazing, though again with the pointy-toed dark shoes. Carlos Santana got himself a rainbow accessory too. The Kennedy Center will probably never distribute those for fashion blogging, will they?

Julie Chen The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Julie Chen wore all black and still managed to look weirdly bridal. We have no idea how she accomplished that.

Lynda Carter The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

This is not a great picture of Lynda Carter, because I have met Lynda Carter and she is much, much more beautiful in person. The dress is a bit fussy, especially next to all the excellent black red carpet pantsuits that showed up to this event. The wrap is a dead turn-off, because I used to have a chinchilla for a pet.

Michelle Obama Barack Obama President Obama Hosts Kennedy Center Honorees At The White House

And then Michelle Obama arrived and reminded everyone who is in charge here, because this teal Marchesa dress is absolutely everything.