Phillip Lim Solange Jessica Alba Maria Sharapova

Last night, I went to the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Launch Event in NYC. Being the incredibly awkward and relatively short (for an event littered with famous people and models) person that I am, I sort of just wandered around with former Gloss editor Jen Wright and checked out the clothes as I desperately prayed I would not be “that girl” who trips and falls into a pile of clothing, champagne glass scattered everywhere. Have I mentioned that fashion makes me nervous and I could write a guest piece for Dread Journal all about that?

Anyway, there were tons of famous people checking out the clothes, which were absolutely lovely. Honestly, I wouldn’t just say that if I thought they looked tacky or unwearable, but the collection was actually really, really cool. There were large, brightly printed scarves, silky blouses, super squishy sweaters and pants that would take you from day to evening with ease. Unfortunately, they either didn’t stock a size 10 in the house or all of those were already taken when I got there (sad face), so yours truly bought nothing, but I am here to officially tell you to definitely check it all out ASAP.

Phillip Lim Jessica Alba

The stellar sweatshirt Jessica Alba wore is from the collection, as well as the tuxedo pants and her bag.

Jessica Alba Phillip Lim

And here she is with Phillip Lim himself.

Phillip Lim Maria Sharapova

Being the idiot that I am, I don’t always recognize famous people. This isn’t because I’m somehow above getting starstruck (I once screamed when I spotted Snoop Lion Dogg whatever in LA), but more because I just am bad at recognizing faces. Turns out, I bumped into Maria Sharapova and thought, “Wow, I usually f’ing hate colorblocking but that girl’s outfit is so cool.” I also spilled a little champagne on the floor and turned bright red. Little did Awkwardly Oblivious Sam realized she had turned bright red in front of Sharapova who undoubtedly did not notice but still. I feel hella dumb.

As for her outfit and not my irrelevant little tale: Sharapova wore items from the collection, as well, including a lovely navy-and-green pullover and navy skirt.

Phillip Lim red carpet

Guh, I am obsessed with this dress that Alyssa Miller wore.

Phillip Lim Solange

Solange wore a swishy animal printed skirt with a navy-and-black tuxedo jacket, both from the collection. She accessorized with Givenchy sandals and a cool Fendi clutch. And for the record: she is seriously this pretty IRL.

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