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Awards Seasons is upon us. Cue the inexplicable jealously of celebrities with disposable income that they spend on too many carats of diamonds. It’s the time of year where female celebs need to rifle through dress after dress just to have hundreds of camera bulbs flash in their eyes and maybe win an award.

While the rich and famous are walking down the red carpet, we plebs will be ruthlessly texting our friends wondering what the hell certain people are wearing and using the 100 and praise hands emojis more times than we really should. Scrutinizing the red carpet is fashion media tradition and we are not immune. The good thing is that when you do find a look that you love, whether it’s the styling choices or the color of the gown, you can actually transition what’s on the red carpet into a more every day, and affordable, version. The best place to start, in my opinion, is with the accessories. Jewelry and bags can easily get up over the quadruple digits in (and on) the hands of our favorite celebrities, but there are so many options for affordable versions you’d be hard pressed not to find something.

Here are the best red-carpet-ready accessories you can find for under $100.

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All Hail the Queen Earrings (7 Charming Sisters, $39)


Do these look like they’re under $50? I don’t think so. They’re the perfect statement earrings.

Pyramid Spike Y-Chain (Bauble Bar, $44)


The great thing about “red carpet style” is that you can do edgy and delicate at the same time.

Natasha Couture Box Clutch (Nordstrom, $98)


This is such a cool cutch because not only is it speckled and artsy (I can totally see someone like Kate Bosworth or Rooney Mara holding this), it’s just the right amount of metallic.

Shashi Tennis Slide Bracelet (Shopbop, $66)


If you have a bold dress that you need a good bracelet for, opt for a small but shiny number. The quirky design (it slides like a bolo tie) adds just enough visual interest to an otherwise boring bracelet.

Vince Camuto ‘Negative Space’ Cuff (Nordstrom, $90)


Statement cuffs are big for the red carpet, but instead of wearing down your wrist with a big bunk of metal, go for something like this aptly named “negative space” version.

Ryan Storer Rose Gold-Plated Swarovski Crustal Ear Cuff and Stud Earring (Barney’s New York, $59)


This is the coolest ear cuff set I’ve ever seen. The cuff swoops down like a drop earring. The best part is on the other side is a simple stud, so you can work your angles really well.

Nila Anthony Foldin’ Girls Metallic Clutch (Nasty Gal, $40)


When it comes to a black clutch, something with a little bit of visual interest will go a long way.

Accent Ring (Bauble Bar, $32)


An angular ring is a great way to balance out a softer silhouette so pair this guy with flowy dresses and skirts or a loose blouse.

Jessica McClintock Spot On Minaudier (Zappos, $62)


Did you think Jessica McClintock did anything good after those ridiculous prom dresses, because she did.

Flower and Crystal Square Statement Necklace (Wanderlust + Co., $89)


If this is the perfect statment necklace to go with a strapless gown or dress, I don’t know what is.