Britney Spears Welcome Ceremony At Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

My comeback dreams inched ever closer to reality when Britney Spears showed up on a red carpet last night looking absolutely fantastic. To be fair, she was the guest of honor at a party celebrating her upcoming residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, but she brought it. Dare I say it – she looked hot as shit.

I’m not the hugest fan of her Antonio Berardi Pre-Fall 2013 because I tend to like dumpy frocks made for vampires, but it was perfect on Spears. It was completely event appropriate (remember, this was Las Vegas, and there were almost certainly people wearing NASCAR-themed lingerie present), and she looked classy and put together. I never thought I’d see her in a ornamented velvet bust without a sexy snake slithering around her arms, and I love it. Britney’s growing up.

As fantastic as the dress looks, I wish she’d switch it up a bit from a nice basic blowout. Just, give me a side part or something. And can we try a more matte lip? Okay, now I’m just getting ahead of myself. Small steps.

Britney Spears Welcome Ceremony At Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

I can’t tell if my outfit judging meter is being affected by my undying Britney love or perhaps by lowered expectations, but I’m just thrilled to see our girl looking healthy (sorry for concern trolling, I just love her so much), happy, and heading towards her sartorial prime. Who’s going to see her in Vegas?

Photos: Getty Images