Now that we’ve talked about who looked good, it’s time to talk about who looked less than good at the 2014 Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. There were a lot of interesting choices, but unfortunately, “interesting” does not always translate into “good.” Scroll down for the not-so-awesome.


So, Elisabeth Rohm. Her hair and makeup are flawless classic Hollywood, but the dress is way too blah. Is it gray? Is it white? Is she Miss Havisham?


Brie Larson is nominated tonight for her role in Short Term 12. I don’t know much about the movie, but I hear her performance is amazing. I am much less amazed by her Escada dress, which looks like a couch my grandmother would have complimented at Colonial Williamsburg.


Melissa McCarthy‘s hair and makeup look great, but I think that print is overwhelming her. I wanna steal that ring, though.


Emma Thompson, I love you, but that coat looks like a Christmas tree skirt that my crazy great aunt had in the mid eighties. My older female relatives are popping up all over the place, huh?


Abigail Breslin went with the trend of beaded, lacy, long-sleeved dresses, but I think this wishy-washy blue-gray is not her color. Nor is that lipstick her friend.

Read on to see Meryl, Julia and a rare misstep from Cate Blanchett.


Julia Roberts snuck into the Mad Men sets in the middle of the night and tore the upholstery off of an authentic mid-century couch. Then she sewed it into a dress and wore it with sunglasses. Jk, it was made by designer Juan Carlos Obando. I can still see this print perfectly at home in Don Draper’s office, though.

meryl-streepWell, Meryl Streep is basically wearing a bedazzled tarp. Plus, stockings with open-toed shoes, which according to my ninth-grade Spanish teacher is the worst fashion faux pas you can ever make. I also don’t know what her earrings are doing but they look dangerously close to gouging her neck. Not your best look, Meryl.


I know that Cate Blanchett is considered a fashion icon, but that doesn’t mean that this dress doesn’t look like the weird nightgown thing that a medieval knight would wear under his armor. It’s Lanvin, by the way.

christina-applegateAt first glance, I kind of liked Christina Applegate‘s tulle-y red Marchesa dress. But then it started to remind me of a saloon girl Halloween costume. I think it would be gorgeous if it were a solid color with the tulle or if it were lace without the tulle, but lace + tulle + brightest of bright reds = tacky mess.


I can’t tell if Leslie Bibb is wearing a belt that just happens to be the EXACT color of her flesh or if that’s actually her flesh. As a rule, I think red carpet dresses shouldn’t make someone squint and wonder about flesh. How about you?


I’m sure that some people liked Margot Robbie‘s Elie Saab jumpsuit. I do not happen to be among them. It’s wrinkly and awkward. Also, is she wearing BRASS KNUCKLES? I don’t dig the jumpsuit, but I guess I’ll have to give her some cool cred for wearing brass knuckles to an awards show. Oh wait, a closer look reveals they’re attached to her purse. Not as badass. But you know, more badass than a glittering tent a la Meryl.

Photos: WireImage via Getty Images