Red Carpet Worsts 2012

Yesterday, we brought you our picks for the finest red carpet looks of the year, featuring the usual paragons of good taste–Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Naomi Watts, etc. Today, we bring you the opposites, the looks we remember this year because they were ill-fitting, unflattering, color clashing, over-the-top and just plain ugly.

Gird your eyeballs.


 Kristen Stewart premiered the last installment of Twilight in this.


Rihanna launched her fragrance as a muppet with the cheesiest hair ever.

Ugh, this one hurts. We root for Christina Hendricks every time, but she so seldom knocks it out of the park on the red carpet.

And how? She’s beautiful, poised, elegant, has an awesome body, good posture, bone structure, skin etc, etc, etc, everything. But then she shows up at the Elle Style Awards, looking like this.

Cate Blanchett, how could you do this to us? It looks like a craft project.

The Cannes Film Festival is always full of nobodies in tiny little outfits–previous years saw the rise of Bai Ling, Phoebe Price… this year saw Jin Jin.

Chopard Mystere Party - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

…It also saw Lady Victoria Hervey.

Lucy Hale arrived at the People’s Choice Awards embodying everything that’s wrong with modern day red carpet dressing. This is all short for the sake of short, sparkly for the sake of sparkly, asymmetrical for the sake of asymmetry, dumb for the sake of dumb.

This one hurts especially because it’s a Jean Paul Gaultier. Maybe it could have worked with different underthings, with different hair, with anything but those giant gold hoops, with someone who wasn’t Fergie.

Poor Elizabeth Banks. She might have been the worst dressed at this year’s Met Gala, if it weren’t for…

Beyonce’s sublimely awful Givenchy couture look.

Porscha Coleman, stop it.

Demi Lovato’s dress at the Teen Choice Awards sure was shitty and pointlessly complicated. Though the hair and shoes really set it over the edge.

What asshole could bag on Glenn Close?

The answer, it would appear, is her stylist. For the Emmys.

Lea Michele at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards. You need to see it from more angles to full grasp how bad it is.

Miley Cyrus is ’80s Sharon Stone sculpted in Cheese Wiz at the Billboard Awards.

Ugh, everything about this. Natasha Bedingfield also at the Billboard Awards.

Musical awards ceremonies are the worst.

Kim Kardashian is always reliably worst dressed. Anywhere. And even though she started dating Kanye West and now slaps Margiela boots on her feet when she wears fugly micro minis, she still looks like a Kardashian. Too pinched, too pulled, too tight, too tacky.

This, however, was the most remarkable clash of Kim’s bad taste and a venue’s circumstance: the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Then again, she wasn’t quite as bad as:


Lindsay Lohan’s boob gown.

Truly, amazingly bad. Some people liked Christina Aguilera’s look at the American Music Awards. We think that “the worst tan on the red carpet this year” paired with a bad wig, a MAC counter’s worth of makeup, piles of bracelets, glittery shoes and then this dated frock make for a real disaster.

Red Carpet Worst

Though, to be fair, Christina’s tan was really second worst to Aubrey O’Day‘s.

And our winner for worst red carpet look of 2012 goes to…

(and this is a little NSFW)

(but no one will blame you)

Red Carpet Worst

Melody Thornton at Elle’s Women in Music. Done.

(All photos via Wenn)