Jeans; it is essential, a must-have in everyone’s waredrobe! Its practicality, durability, wearability .. .. It is basically like a 2nd skin. We wear them to go to the movies, around the house, anywhere; with boxer or brief underneath. If you feel like it, you could let it “loose”, go commando . .. that would be a whole different post by the way.

Levi’s has a pair of red jeans, not only it is red, it is also skinny, the name says it all – “Levi’s York Super Skinny in Chili”. Flashier colors like red doesn’t fit into the category of timelessness. It might be different if you are a showboy, a performer or some sort….On second thought, these pair of jeans will even pale in comparison to the beaded stuff.

Would you fork out say 150 bucks for a pair of red jeans? Bear in mind, it is skinny as well.