Did you know that there’s a web comic called Hipster Hitler that attempts to make fun of Adolf Hitler and “hipster culture” in one fell swoop? Well, there is, and it’s in the news today because online commerce site RedBubble.com has decided to block the sale of all Hipster Hitler-related paraphernalia. The t-shirts in question feature a trim, bespectacled fuhrer wearing shirts with various ironic slogans, including the above “I <3 Juice.” Get it? Like Jews? And it’s ironic because he actually hates Jews and wants to actually did round us up and murder us?

Via startupsmart:

The online retail site, which prints and distributes the work of artists, was accused of making light of the Holocaust by listing the Hipster Hitler merchandise, which features images of Adolf Hitler in a cardigan and skinny jeans and slogans such as “Death Camp For Cutie”, “Back to the Fuhrer” and “Eastside Westside Genocide”.

StartupSmart understands that RedBubble was considering pulling down only certain t-shirts from the range but the site has decided to de-list all of the merchandise.

Sucks for them, but RedBubble already lost its legal advisors over it and was additionally being threatened by the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission, so I can understand why they made this choice. Looking through the web comic’s archives, I am more offended as a fan of funny jokes than as a Jew. It consists mainly of tired “observations” like “hipsters don’t care about stuff!” “hipsters love irony!” and “hipsters wear glasses!”, wrapped up in an absurd Hitler package. In the nerds’ grand war against guys who wear stylish clothes and get to have sex with women, I have seen much funnier takes than these. I’m actually kind of mad they squandered such a potentially amusing premise.

Nevertheless, the guys behind Hipster Hitler are entitled to freedom of expression, and it’s a shame that RedBubble was bullied out of doing business with them due to some perceived slight against the Jews. I think it’s clear to anyone with eyes that the strip portrays Hitler in a pretty negative way. May “JC” and “APK” find another outlet to sell their un-funny t-shirts soon.