00T0T_6SBu3DkGpq0_600x450If you just have two thousand dollars burning a hole in your sofa cushions and you totally have no idea what to do with it, you can purchase this selection of lovely used clothing from Craigslist! The ad says it is circa 1820 but I think it could totally work, especially if you wanna recreate Downton: The Poverty Years.

Theatrical / film costumes of the Regency Period (circa 1820) for sale. Approximately (I believe there are more) 5 dresses, 7 Jackets, 9 vests, 10 Poet shirts, various neck-wear (satin / cotton). Used on Off Broadway / London.

Ten poet shirts! What will you do with all those poet shirts? Mayhaps you are an asshole and you would like to have a regency themed asshole wedding and demand that your bridal party dresses in this? Various neckwear! Various! I love how in the photograph all the faces are blurred out because now all of these people in these costumes look like kinda pathetic ghosts.

You could also use these costumes for Jane Austen roleplay sex games and/or churning your own butter and/or attending church. The choice is yours! Or mayhaps we could all split the cost and wear these lovely outfits and start our own street gang and commit various crimes and have La Boulangeredance fights with other street gangs!

(Photo: Craigslist)