Buying clothes you will only wear for a few months is the absolute pits, unless you’re so rich and fabulous that you buy designer stuff off the runway and only wear it long enough to blog about it. But assuming you’re a normal person who likes to hang onto her clothes for more than a few weeks, buying maternity clothes is the worst.

You find yourself thinking things like, “If the maternity jeans are $40, can I get away with owning just one pair of pants for four months? How long can I reasonably expect it to take before I can wear my normal pants again? And by the way, fuck all those new fancy-mom blogs telling me about the ‘must have’ $300 maternity jeans.”

But there are some regular clothes out there that will still work for you. You can buy them now and it feels just like normal, fun shopping. And they’ll still be normal, fun, wearable clothes once you’re no longer full of small children.

Zara Eye Print Dress

maternity2Lena Dunham wore this dress to a fashion event, and The Gloss office was torn on whether they were awesome or horrible. (I am Team Awesome.) If you are pregnant, this dress is perfect. Not only is it flattering and roomy, the weird print will make you feel like people are staring at you because you are quirky and fashiony, not because you’re in a bar drinking a virgin mojito and they’re two shots away from slurring a drunken lecture at you.

H&M Jersey Top


Any of these long, loose fitting tops should work just fine. They might not look as slouchy and ironically oversized as on the teenage models, but just call them normcore.

Zara Baby Doll Dress


This tunic looks so nice and flowy over those impossibly white jeans. It would be stylish and adorable even if you did not have a small child wedged inside of you.

H&M Cotton Maxi Dress


After this crazy winter, you know summer is going to be hot and disgusting. Let’s be honest, this is all anybody is going to want to wear, knocked up or not.

Linen Blend Maxi Dress


This will totally make you look like one of those cool pregnant ladies who just look like they have a basketball under their dress while the rest of them looks all normal by comparison.

Pop Pier Embroidered Dress


You might have to wear this as a tunic for a while, but throw it over some leggings and you will be the cutest pregnant lady at Coachella. (Until Mila Kunis shows up in a bra top and jean shorts or something.) As a bonus, the embroidered neck is perfect for showing off your awesome pregnancy boobs.
Free People

Mashup And Coming Leggings in Grey


These gray leggings are so nice they look like real pants, and check out those stretchy side panels like on fancy maternity jeans. How long they’ll work will depend on your particular anatomy, but be warned: These might be a gateway drug to yoga pants.

Fringed Gradation Scarf


Get yourself like 20 big, cool, Anthropologie-esque scarves to wear now with little jackets and tailored blazers, and in a few months you’ll be able to use them as nursing covers too.

Men’s Tank Tops


Men’s tank tops are way longer than ours, and the stretchy material means they can take a lot of expansion. Best of all, you can buy them in 5-packs from Duane Reade. These cool, colorful ones come from American Apparel.

Low-Rise Leggings


Even if you were never a leggings person, you’ll want to have a pair for when all your dresses turn into shirts. A pair that sits below the waist will let you roll down the waistband as much as you need. Dancer brands like Danskin and Capezio are often sturdier and less likely to turn see-through.

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