Fresh Prince Phone Case(Via Amazon.)

Even if we wanted to, it would be difficult to wear some of the fashion and beauty trends from when we were younger. Head-to-toe glitter just doesn’t seem as appropriate now as it did when we were 13. Besides spending hours looking up #90s #old school photos on Tumblr, you can get your daily dose of nostalgia with a retro phone case. Whether you want to reminisce about your favorite My Little Pony, or you want to pretend your phone is a black-and-white Game Boy, there is a nostalgic case that will fit your mood–and your modern phone.

Here are 10 phone cases that combine your love of tech and nostalgia:

1. Thumbs Up UK Retro Cassette Cover Silicone Case And Video Stand ($5.27, Amazon)Casette Phone Case

The outside packaging is awesome, but the way the cassette doubles as a stand is genius.

2. Vintage Phone Case ($35, Society6)Vintage Phone Case

Pretend that your $600 phone is a $10 black-and-white phone that doesn’t have internet capabilities.

3. My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Chara iPhone Cover ($47.99, Amazon)My Little Pony Phone Case

This is so adorable that you will want to keep your phone forever, just so you can continue using this case.

4. VHS Tape iPhone Case ($14.95, Rocket Cases)VHS Phone Case

A DVD won’t make the best phone case, but a VHS tape is the perfect shape to create a fun retro case.

5. Barbie Design iPhone Case ($11.95, Amazon)Barbie Phone Case

If you don’t feel like going for a head-to-toe Barbie look, this phone case is a sweet alternative.

6. NES Controller Case For iPhone 5 ($29.99, Think Geek)Ninetendo Controller Phone Case

This is proper old school. Think back before Nintendo 64, and you’ll remember this.

7. Californication Cases Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iPhone Case ($9.99, Etsy)Ninja Turtles Phone Case

Everyone will become a Ninja Turtles fan after seeing your phone case.

8. Pokemon Classic Phone Case ($35, Society6)Pokemon Phone Case

You may not be able to still name all of the Pokemon, but you will definitely remember this design.

9. Pixie Addictions Kawaii Care Bears Decoden Case ($25, Etsy)Care Bears Phone Case

This handmade case is so cute that you will never want to hide it in your purse.

10. Game Boy iPhone Case ($19.95, Rocket Cases)Game Boy Phone Case

Pop your iPhone into this retro case knowing that you can do 40,382 more things with your phone than you could with the Game Boy.