Revé by Rene cat ear sunglasses

By now, you have all likely gathered that I am obsessed with cats. Or, if you haven’t: Hi, I’m Sam Escobar and I am obsessed with everything pertaining to cats. In fact, I believed that the phrase, “You can grow up to be anything you want to be” meant that I could indeed become a literal cat-lady. (This is probably less perplexing now, isn’t it?) When I did not sprout ears and a fuzzy tail, nor landed on my feet every time I fell, I tossed this dream out the window right alongside my dreams of someday flying on a broomstick using a jetpack and eventually marrying Landon Donovan.

But. But. Cats are one of the most wonderfully popular things in this peculiar subsection of the universe we call “fashion.” For goodness’ sake, even Karl Lagerfeld, the grumpiest man in the world, believes that cats deserve a special place in our hearts and on our magazines. Designer René Chu seems to agree, as she has debuted cat ear sunglasses for Revé that I am now completely obsessed with.

René Chu make me meow cat ear sunglasses

The sunglasses have detachable cat ears, but I am 100% I would wear them like this all the time, forever. There are also sunglasses with detachable talons, but I think I will stick to the kitty ones, if I’m honest.

The “Make Me Meow” cat ear sunglasses will come in three shades: pink, black and mirror. The sad thing, however, is that they will set you back $320 to preorder, and as somebody who tends to not spend much more than $15 on individual pairs of sunglasses, I am having a rather serious debate in my head about these. I suppose this does, at the very least, reaffirm my theory that if I were super rich, I’d primarily spend my money on pricey feline-themed fashion and accessories.

Photos: René Chu.