Vanity Fair recently released a list of the world’s best dressed people. Jezebel did a breakdown of who made the list. Turns out, it was a lot of rich people. Really rich. Loaded. And some people are outraged by the injustice.

TheCut writes:

Tatiana Santo Domingo is a U.S.-born Colombian-Brazilian socialite and heiress, who says her residence is “Nowhere!” and her favorite piece of jewelry is “a 500-year-old ring from the Majapahit Kingdom given to me by my godfather.” Oh, wow, us too!…. A shame… What’s the big reveal — that rich people can afford to dress well? Bravo, VF, you really broke the news with that one.

Umm, okay, who did you want them to list? I feel like “random middle-class civilian” would not only not have the name recognition Vanity Fair needs, it also just wouldn’t be correct.

I have no doubt that, at this very moment, in the Kingdom of Nowhere, Tatiana Santo Domingo is better dressed than me. I’m okay with that. I’m wearing a dress I spilt soup on and my glasses. Tatiana, I’m going to let you have this one.

Of course the uber-rich are the best dressed. They have designers donating clothing to them to wear out to galas. They have stylists. They have time to spend perfecting their outfits. They have 500 year old rings from the Majapahit Kingdom. They have special people to spoon soup directly into their mouths.

They’re exactly the people Vanity Fair should be picking.

You want to make a best dressed list? Hop on a bicycle, strap on some headgear and head over to the Sartorialist’s house.

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