Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012 - Rick Owens - Runway

In an attempt to motivate himself to do more cardio, Rick Owens has collaborated on a line of running shoes with Adidas.

A lot of designer collaborations seem to happen when a large, mass-market retailer approaches a famous designer with, we imagine, a dump truck full of money. And Adidas had previously put out feelers to do a collection with Rick Owens, but nothing came of it. In this case, though, Owens approached the athletic company himself and asked if he could design something for them, because he had decided to take up cardio and wanted a pair of running shoes for himself.

“I work out like a fiend but I hate, hate, hate cardio. I realized I’m in my 50s now and I need to do something for my heart and lungs. So, I’ve got to start running,” he said in an interview with WWD. “I thought to myself, ‘What shoes am I going to wear running?’ I can’t wear my big chunky basketball shoes—I’d look like a dinosaur running through the Tuileries.”

Just take a moment to imagine Rick Owens running through the Tuilleries. Hell, if we lived in Paris, the possibility of getting a peek of Rick Owens running through the Tuilleries might even be motivation enough for us to get up and run, too.

Owens’ Adidas running shoes are planned to run between $400 and $500, while his basketball shoes are more like $1,200 to $1,600.

At those prices, we might be more inclined to be really gentle and just walk in them. They will be functional running shoes, though. For the sake of his own knees, “I wanted them to be technically really good and I want people to be able to run in them,” Owens said.

The line of Rick Owens Adidas running shoes will include six styles for men and four for women, all based on the same silhouette. They’re said to come in black, gray, and white, and some will have bits of yellow for color. The collection is set to debut at Owens’ menswear presentation on June 27 in Paris.

Via Fashionista/Photo: WENN