I’m sorry, what the heck is this hat? You can expect to see over-the-top hats from members of the royal family, but did Camilla Parker Bowles have to pick such a horrible one? I would be afraid of hitting someone in the face with it! It’s not elegant and it certainly isn’t graceful.81227P2

Here’s an alternative!

Satin hat by betmar

Maybe she should have tried something more like this pretty satin hat by Betmar. It’s called the Satin Touch and I do think it’s a nice compliment to appropriate events.

It’s got a satin triple bow and band binding and the body of the hat is made completely from wool. For such a nice hat, it’s retail price isn’t too bad. You can get it online at Hats.com for $40.99.

Image: Bauer-Griffin (Top), Hats.com (bottom)