When we lost spotted Rihanna’s Butt, it was hanging out in some brand new, custom-made Prada boots (and very appreciative, Miuccia!). This week, likely due to the humidity, Rihanna’s Butt has ditched the leather boots and is cooling off with the help of a denim thong. Sure, there’s some regular frilly butt floss beneath said denim thong, but that’s besides the point.

Some blogs are speculating that the denim thong will make an appearance in Rihanna’s upcoming stripper-themed music video, “Pour It Up,” because 1) Rihanna loves strippers and 2) Rihanna is extremely, extremely edgy. She’s already done an S&M-themed video, so where else is there to go?*

The singer is such a bad girl that she even removed the photo immediately after posting. Luckily, The Cut screencapped the denim thong before it was taken down. You may scroll down if you’d like to see the denim thong in all its uncomfortable-looking glory, but be warned that it is, in fact, an otherwise naked butt with strips of fabric in the crack. For some, this may be deemed NSFW.

Aaaaaaaand denim thong:

Rihanna teases her upcoming stripper-themed music video "Pour It Up" with a steamy shot of her butt in a denim thong.

The Cut also, wisely, reminded us of the terrible clubwear denim with the built-in denim thong from many moons ago. Three years ago, this very website deemed them the one pair of jeans you should never own.

*Sacrilege is actually the logical conclusion.