Before we begin this typically scheduled Fashion Disaster, we wanted to offer a brief note on fashion blogger morality. There is an expansive gray area between what constitutes funny and what constitutes flat out mean. Sometimes that area shifts with age, sometimeswith the pop cultural climate. We started reading the internet when it was perfectly acceptable to point out perceived flaws on a woman’s body–pap shots of stars at the beach suddenly became a hunting ground for stretch marks, love handles and unusual birthmarks. The Gloss, as a rule, tries not to contribute to this kind of nasty woman-hating, though we aren’t always perfect (and we certainly weren’t always our current incarnation).

This is actually a long, meandering way of saying that when we do Fashion Disasters, we prefer to stick to outfits at public events–we don’t really think it’s fair to hate on celebrities for looking like slovenly normal people at airports, in parks, entering or exiting non-sceney* restaurants. Maybe this logic is pure convenience, but we think red carpet looks are fair game for irreverent criticism, while civilian dress is largely off-limits. They may make millions and jump lines at Fashion Week and subsist on caviar and celery, but famous people are still people.

Which is a further long, meandering way of saying this look from Rihanna probably wouldn’t make the cut: she’s leaving her hotel in London last week, on her way to perform onThe X Factor, and this is not the sort of outfit we’d criticize. Sure, we might think that thigh highs instead of pants is a terrible decision for all people, famous and non-famous alike, but we wouldn’t post it.

…However, we were flipping through the week’s Best Dressed galleries on British Vogue‘s website and, amidst all the Kate Middleton frock coats and elegant English actresses, we were astonished to find this very outfit:

And that’s when our minds were blown. Best dressed? Were they high? Setting aside some weird, misguided grab at street cred, we were left with absolutely no clue as to why British Vogue would name this look “Best Dressed.” Which is really what we’re objecting to, not the look itself.

We turned to EIC Jennifer Wright for a second opinion. She gasped, collected herself and hypothesized that, “Rihanna must have pictures of [Vogue UK EIC] Alexandra Shulman having sex with a horse. That’s the only explanation.”

Any other theories?

(*sorry, Lindsay Lohan, you don’t go to the Ivy for the salad)

(All photos via Wenn)